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Check out my recent blog post entitled “Jubilee at Wal-mart” on OnFire, a blogspot empowering young adults to impact our church and our world. I have included a copy of it below too.

It gives you an update of what I have been doing at Interfaith Worker Justice with the Wal-mart campaign.

Also, check out some pics below of the actions I participated in near Wal-mart stores in the Chicago area during the Thanksgiving weekend.



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Read Preconceptual Text to the Theology of Labor Pt. 1 here!

Note: Please note my usage of the word labor and work. As I became more convinced there was more to labor than just a curse, I began to leave the preface on the term “labor” behind as I believe it’s a loaded term sometimes and can be misconstrued in various ways.

Now, this is where I actually diverge from my original understanding on the theology of labor.

To think of labor as just a curse is to amiss the full story. There’s more to labor than just a curse.

Labor (or Work) is about being good stewards of what God has entrusted to us: people, land, animals, and all that is on the earth. How can our work glorify and praise the Holy One? In the first creation story in Genesis, God gives humankind dominion over animals on the earth. How does this relate to labor? Well, to be entrusted with dominion over something requires some work from the part of the participant. This is the work one would experienced before the fall (and still can be after the fall), a compliant servitude over God’s creation in a well mannered way that does not involve back-breaking work.

Yet the stories goes on….


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