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Before I begin this post, I have two business items I would like to address and they are as follows:

1. Any material or opinion of this blog site does not reflect the beliefs or views of the General Board of Global Ministries nor the Interfaith Worker Justice. This blog is intended as a creative outlet, sometimes a spiritual discipline, and most importantly to connecting you all to my experiences, observations, and stories as a US-2 missionary for the United Methodist Church. It allows you the reader to gaze through my lens for the duration of your readership of my blog content. It is independent, and personal reflections on contemplative matters.

2. More likely than not I will never really offer a daily description or day-to-day activities of my work and so forth. Even when I draw from different events that happen it’s for grasping a larger idea or theme that I will be addressing in that particular blog post. Therefore do not expect so much details into events unless it’s life-altering and engages with the prophetic ministry in some capacity.

Additionally, I would like to point out that this is not a one monolithic story and mission of a missionary. My story is just one of my many and my story is to give you a full scope of what I experienced at particular time, at a particular place, from my particular perspective. As discussed in my training as a missionary, there is more than one story. There is even a danger to culminate a singular story for any individual or group of people. Chimamanda Adichie, a storyteller, in a TED talk reveals this issue further, so feel free to watch the video here.



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Breath of God was blowin’
Jesus Christ all-knowin’
Holy Spirit flowin’

A calling maybe?

During YAMS (Young Adult Mission Service) training, we had a talent show where a small group of the US-2 decided to do a parody of the hit-song “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen. The idea originally spurred in the mind when I realized this catchy-infectious song was going viral, everyone was singing it, and doing their own parodies of it. So I thought why not join in on the fun. And with training focused on callings, who could resist? Once I told some of my US-2 interns about my idea to do a parody song, it took off like wildfire and there you have it. This is one of my favorite moments in training and a hallmark I will always treasure. I really loved it. Enjoy! Lyrics are below.


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