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I ask only one thing, LORD: Let me live in your house every day of my life to see how wonderful you are and to pray in your temple (Psalm 27: 4)

Today one of the songs that I heard from a movie came up in my mind. It’s such a wonderful song so I thought I would have a Youtube video of the song and lyrics here for you to listen & read.

The song is called ” I Need You to Listen,” by Marty Haugen. Marty Haugen is a American composer of liturgical music.



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They asked each other, “were not our hearts burning within us while he talked with us on the road and opened the Scriptures to us? (Luke 24: 32)

The 2013 Nexus Conference was held in Chicago, IL. In its  first conference of ministry-based initiative to strategically network Korean-American ministries in their specific ministry endeavors was held in Wheaton College from July 10-13, 2013. A ministry that seeks to connect the English-speaking disciples of Jesus Christ who are of Korean descent and/or serve the Korean UMC.

I was honored to have Global Ministries invite me to engage, connect, and grow from the new development of Nexus made possible by work and ministry of Transgeneration Ministry (TG) and the Center for Korean-American English Ministries.  It was a pleasure to be welcomed  within the Korean-American community and witness their bold, inspirational project to building the connection and relational aspects within United Methodist Church for Korean-American communities. I got to worship, co-facilitate a workshop, and witness a new infrastructure starting to develop.


Being held in Wheaton College, it brought me back to memories of being on a college campus. Some areas of the Wheaton College campus made me think of the Stamp Student Union and Memorial Chapel at my alma mater, the University of Maryland. The day was pleasant, the skies were blue, and grass was green. It felt like a summertime storybook.

In my co-facilitation and my missionary presence in the workshop, I got to hear Liz Lee, the Executive for Young Adult Mission Service of Global Ministires speak so eloquently about mission grounded in scripture, the historical landscape of mission and a contemporary assessment of mission in today’s world. The workshop was entitled Holistic Mission and Mission Opportunities Today. These kinds of opportunities to attend events like this always serve as a helpful reminder to my missionary service and what it truly means to be in mission. Missio Dei, God’s mission and not our own. And fairing out that my US-2 colleague reminded the US-2 cohorts of 2012 yesterday was the first day of our second year of mission service.

In Nexus’ theme, “the cross and flame, ” representative of the Methodist insignia, the Nexus mission takes from its Wesleyan heritage wanting to connect disciples of Jesus Christ to Transform the World.

If you want to check out Nexus UMC, click here for more information!

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This month dates my one year into the US-2 program. When I embarked on this journey and  I decided to vigilantly examine the faithful witness of God in Chicago. Some I have discussed on this blog, others still remain to be written with deep-seated reflection of life in ministry. I would like to revisit those moments and share them with you later.

What I can say in my one year of ministry service is this…… missionary work is emblematic of prophetic voices (and vice-versa). I think that the UCC (United Church of Christ) said it best, “God is still speaking…” and using missionaries as vessels, humans made in the image of God, from dust to dust, to be witness of God’s compassion, grace, and love and along the way be transformed through the process is well, quite extraordinary  and holy.

It was the billow-underbelly desire to know God in the most intimate parts of my creation that I decided I wanted to be missionary. I think God speaks, sometimes I listen, most times I don’t.  It’s the wall us Christians keep running into, a sentiment that keeps us from knowing the full love of God and what God has to offer to us.

It’s certainly difficult to hear God! I totally understand, but I think  to actively listen to God could potentially lead to a life of service, ministry, and grace. I think to actively listen-in a real way- to God is life-transforming. It could shudder away all doubts and fears. It could be an incentive to move from faith to faith with works.

It’s been a persistent struggle in my life to actively listen. In my interpersonal relationships lately, I have been working toward actively listening to folks because they matter to me and I do care.

…….So after a year of service, I need to ask myself at this pivotal moment  (and pose the same question to you)…Is God speaking to you? And we are actively listening?

(internal lamentation) “Where should I go from here, my God who is compassionate and understanding?” Who is omniscient and knows the desire of mankind. Please reveal yourself to me.

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